sie-graduate training

The new Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam will change your business (read more about it here)! Over the past few months we have met with many firms individually and collectively to discuss the impact of the SIE exam on recruiting, hiring, training, and registration. Certain ideas emerged during these sessions that seem to enjoy broad support from a wide array of firms. Some key consensus points that you might find useful are below:

  • Summer intern programs will include a 30-minute SIE exam overview session to educate and give guidance on how to best approach the SIE exam.
  • Firms will provide SIE exam training materials to individuals who have accepted full-time offers to prepare for the SIE exam while still in school.
  • Firms will indicate they are “supportive” of interns and applicants having an SIE credential, but will not require it to secure a position.
  • SIE exam fees incurred prior to joining will likely be reimbursed for the first attempt, but possibly not for subsequent attempts. Reimbursement would be available after a candidate joins the firm full time.
  • Graduate training programs will include SIE exam training for one or two years after its release; thereafter SIE boot camps will be held at the beginning of training for new hires that need to pass that exam.
  • The SIE exam is a way for candidates considering a career in financial services to demonstrate ability, desire, and commitment to the industry. Over time, this credential will likely become a standard part of a strong resume and application.

Our staff devotes significant time researching and analyzing the impacts of the SIE exam on firms, universities, and career changers. If you would like to have a discussion with us about the SIE exam and how it may affect you or your business we would be happy to connect with you.

We will keep you informed as FINRA releases more details about the exam and its impact on the licensing and registration of those joining the industry. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, and check our website frequently for updates!