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Successful licensing programs don’t just happen.  A proven plan and a strong partnership achieve the best possible results.  Today, we’ll review a timeline of events that explains how we work with you to help ensure your summer program results are awesome!


April and May are important months for program logistics and initiating contact between students and instructors. Knopman Marks will work closely with program managers to ensure enrollments are processed and materials are shipped without delay.

Program managers can ensure a strong kick-off to the process by sending a list of course enrollments to Knopman Marks that includes student email contact and mailing information as early as possible, so that materials are received before the end of the school year.

After receipt of the enrollment list, Knopman Marks will complete the following steps between mid-April and the end of May:

  • Physical course materials will be shipped to all enrolled students
  • Emails with access information for Practice Exams, On-demand Training, and Mobile App will be sent to all students
  • Course instructors will send emails to students with study plans and pre-class assignments
  • Course instructors will send personal contact information and offer individual help as needed

Our recently released At-a-Glance guides are shared with students to give a roadmap for their study process.  Check them out now at


During June and July, students should be fully engaged in the study process.  If questions about the process come up, be sure to use these resources

  • for questions about online access
  • Individual instructor emails as provided to all students for subject matter or individualized study strategy questions
  • to access At-a-Glance guides for general exam questions and study tips

An occasional email from you to your students to ensure they are staying on track with their studies is always a good idea!

During this timeframe, Knopman Marks instructors can provide an in-person or conference call introduction session to your students.  Known internally as “Riot Act” calls, these popular reviews provide study motivation and answers to questions about the exam prep process. To set up a call or live session, contact or

Approximately a week prior to the beginning of the training class, all students will receive a reminder of the pre-class assignments and class logistics.

Training Program Week

Our expert instructors will provide test-focused lectures and diagnostic testing as the final phase in the study process. Each day, you will receive a report from the instructor or a teaching assistant that highlights performance and identifies at-risk students.  We encourage you to reach out to these students, as we will, to assure they are getting the help they need.

A final “benchmark exam” will forecast student scores within 5 points of the actual exam. This score will be the final score on your report.

Throughout the week of class, instructors stay in constant contact to ensure any last minute questions or individual support needs are addressed.  An additional complimentary evening or weekend review session can also be arranged as needed. Just contact  We want you to know that all hands are on deck to achieve the best possible results during these programs!

As your partner, we are committed to guiding students from the moment they receive our study materials until they successfully pass their required exams. There’s nothing we like better than to deliver outstanding pass rates!  In 2016, our partnerships delivered phenomenal results:   Series 79: 98%; Series 7: 97%; Series 63: 97%.  We look forward to partnering with you to make 2017 results even better!