How to Pass the Series 86/87 Exams

A short exam does not necessarily make for an easy exam. This is certainly the case with the Series 87, FINRA’s qualification exam for Research Analyst’s. This statement summarizes FINRA’s Series 87 exam for Research Analyst to a tee.  With only 55 questions (50 graded, plus 5 ungraded experimental questions) candidates have little room for error to achieve the 74% score required to pass. Fortunately for you, Knopman Marks has a proven study plan for you to follow.  The Series 87 At a Glance Study Guide gives you streamlined guidance for a winning study strategy. Put it to use and you will be on your way to achieving the passing score you need.

The Series 87 is Part 2 of the credential needed to qualify as a Research Analyst. It tests two job functions, Preparation of Research Reports and Dissemination of Information, and can be taken only by persons that have previously passed the Series 7, 17, 37 or 38. Its co-requisite, the Series 86, is Part 1 of the qualification requirement. However, persons who have passed CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) or CMT (Chartered Market Technician) Levels 1 and 2 are not required to pass the Series 86.

Knopman Marks Expert Instruction Tips

Knopman Marks instructors give students the insights and tips they need to gain confidence for exam success.  A class can make all the difference, so don’t miss the opportunity to use them as part of your study plan.

Below are three exclusive instructor insights to point you in the right direction as you begin your Series 87 journey:

  1. Knopman Notes and Supplements are critical. Make sure you read them carefully, and more than once!  They will effectively summarize the most testable points from lengthy and complex FINRA and SEC rules.   FINRA Rule 2241, FINRA Rule 5130, Regulation AC, and Regulation FD are heavily tested
  2. The exam’s focus is concentrated on Chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the manual. Re-read these chapters and complete extra questions on these topics to ensure you master this information.
  3. 450 is a magic number. Complete at least 450 practice questions from the Knopman Testprep site to be ready to pass the exam.

We are Here for YOU

Success on any Series exam requires significant commitment and effort. Knopman Marks simplifies the process with expert materials and study strategies. We are fully committed to your success and are available to provide help when you need it. Contact us at for support at any time.