How to Pass the Series 52 Exam

Series 52 candidates – take notice! This quick read will help you develop a winning strategy for passing the Series 52 exam on your first attempt.

If you’re not familiar with the Series 52, it is a Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) exam that permits successful candidates to represent broker-dealers or municipal securities dealers in municipal securities activities such as underwriting, trading, providing research or investment advice, and sales.

Candidates are given 3.5 hours to pass this 115-question exam. Relevant topics include municipal series products, MSRB regulations, fixed income characteristics as well as economic activity and interest rates. Because the primary focus is on muni’s, you should have fairly detailed knowledge in this area.

Secrets to Passing the First Time

The Knopman Marks Series 52 At a Glance guide gives you a roadmap for planning your exam strategy. By following the plan, you can feel confident of achieving your 70% passing score + with about 40-50 hours of study.

Knopman instructors add precious, time-saving tips through classes and on demand lectures.  Read on for some insights that will help you focus on the “right stuff” for success.

1) Expect to see a number of questions on economic analysis, including the impact of interest rate movements.

2) Day counts are lightly tested on the exam, generally only 2 – 3 questions.

3) Although the concepts on the actual exam will be similar, candidates should expect the actual exam questions to be wordier and more ambiguous.

4) Candidates will likely see math questions on each of the following topics: accrued interest, taxable equivalent yield, bond years, and determining cost basis and capital gains/losses.

We are Here for YOU

Success on Series exams requires significant commitment and effort from every candidate. But the proven Knopman Marks process will make your preparation far more efficient.  Remember, we are fully dedicated to helping you achieve success.  Contact us at for support at any time.