How to Pass the Series 24 Exam

If you are taking the Series 24 any time soon, you’ve probably heard that this exam is a bear! We won’t refute that reputation – it’s a very challenging test. But we can give you some time tested advice and suggestions and help make the experience much less intimidating.

The 160 questions on the Series 24 exam – 150 graded, 10 ungraded – cover supervisory topics and applications from across the securities industry.   During the 3 hours and 45 minutes allotted for taking the exam, candidates are challenged by a broad array of subject matter that a securities principal might encounter on a daily basis.  In many cases, the candidate is unfamiliar with the diversity of the issues that are heavily tested on the exam.  The complete shift in subject matter from one question to the next can be jarring and cause the candidate to lose focus and confidence. Our preparation methodology can provide much needed guidance and provide the candidate with a plan for success.

Follow the Best Study Process

Fortunately for those with Series 24 in their future, The Knopman Marks Series 24 At a Glance guide lays out a proven study process.  By using the guide and committing to the strategy it details, candidates can gain the confidence they need to achieve success on the exam on their first attempt with approximately 100 hours of study.

Knopman Marks instructors deliver Series 24 prep through live classes and on demand lectures.  They will direct candidates to focus on the most heavily tested concepts and provide tips and guidance to simplify complex topics that require mastery.  One of the best tips for Series 24 exam prep is to take full advantage of a Knopman Marks Series 24 Classroom option!

Instructor Insights for a Strong Start

The instructor tips below provide a sneak preview into preparing for the Series 24

  1.  Be prepared for application questions. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to apply the FINRA rules to various scenarios within the broker-dealer universe. Focus areas include investment banking, equity trading, and general brokerage activities.
  2. Work within the box, not outside it. Responses must be true to the appropriate rules, not to the specific experience of a candidate who works within a defined specialization.
  3. Critical reading skills are a must. Expect two compelling choices, different by a small degree. Take that extra second or two and be sure when making a choice.
  4. Slow it down. Many questions require two or even three reads. Take a deep breath, and make the right call only after careful deliberation.
  5. Expect to feel uncertainty about the outcome.  Most candidates aren’t sure of passing until they see their score. Feeling off balance during your exam should be expected.

One last piece of advice:  trust the process.  You can be bullish on your S24 exam outcome with Knopman Marks Series 24 prep.  The Knopman Marks team is fully dedicated to helping you achieve success, so contact us at for support at any time.