How to Pass the Series 50 Exam

What’s new and trending in the Series Exam test world? It’s the Series 50 — a recent exam addition that extends the reach of qualification exams to a new segment of financial services. Municipal advisor representatives and principals, both those associated with independent firms and broker-dealer/municipal dealers, are now subject to a 100 question exam, and continuing education requirements are expected in 2017.  A separate municipal advisor principal exam is also in development.

There is no grandfathering of this requirement, and all current municipal advisor representatives and principals who meet the regulatory definitions must take and pass the exam by September 12 of 2017.  All newly hired municipal advisor representatives must take and pass the exam as a pre-requisite for their position.

Achieving Series 50 Success

The Knopman Marks Series 50 At a Glance guide provides our most current insights on the Series 50 exam. It gives you a proven process to follow so you can join the 1,600+ newly registered municipal advisor representatives who have already passed the Series 50.  Take full advantage of this expert guidance and you will be prepared to pass with about 50 – 75 hours of study.

In addition, below are several “can’t miss” instructor insights to help ensure you are on the right track:

  1. The Series 50 is a very passable exam, but make sure you read the text and supplement, and complete all the Q-bank questions. New exams are known to change periodically, and the supplement will keep you up-to-date with the latest concepts that are included on the exam.
  2. Don’t assume you know all the information that is tested because of your experience. These exams are challenging regardless of your current level of knowledge.  You need to work q-bank questions carefully so you get accustomed to how the questions are structured and relate to the material.
  3. Although there are numerous mathematical concepts covered, don’t expect complex or numerous calculations. It is more important that you can understand and apply concepts.
  4. Be prepared for wordy questions. The questions stems may be more lengthy than those in the q-bank, but no worries.  If you stay focused and don’t get distracted with the extra words, you’ll be fine!
  5. Read the questions carefully.  One word — like “except” — can make all the difference.

New On Demand Series 50 Review Class

Our Knopman Marks instructors are known for offering state of the art guidance so you can pass your exam the first time. We are pleased to announce our new instructor led on-demand Series 50 Review Class.  In addition to our Series 50 textbook and questions, the on-demand review will reinforce the most testable concepts and give you complete control of the timing of your learning process.

Take ownership of your Series 50 strategy and work it diligently. Know that the Knopman Marks is fully dedicated to helping you achieve success.  Contact us at for support at any time.

Stay tuned for a new At A Glance Guide from Knopman Marks next week!