How to Pass the Series 63 Exam

The English language is filled with colorful idioms that really hit the mark in describing our day to day experiences.  One of these sayings come to mind in describing the Series 63 exam.  You’ve heard of “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”?  The Series 63 is that wolf.

Most candidates take the Series 63 after passing longer exams like the Series 7 or Series 79.  Feeling confident after conquering the breadth of material on these exams, they may have a tendency to underestimate the Series 63. Many think they will already know the material covered in the slender book of so many less pages, and that their experience will carry them through.

That’s where they are wrong.  The Series 63 presents unfamiliar concepts framed in tricky questions.  The language is legalistic and some of the concepts are a bit obtuse.  It is definitely passable, but heed our Knopman Marks wisdom – it should not be underestimated!

Knopman Instructors Tell All

Check out the Series 63 At a Glance guide for a fool proof study process.  By following the steps provided, you can get this exam behind you.  Plan for 20-30 hours of study, and completion of about 600 questions total.  The material may seem impractical and even confusing, but hang in there – that is the nature of this beast.

It’s always a great idea to come to a Knopman Marks class or use the on-demand training to take advantage of the gems of wisdom from Knopman Marks instructors.  Below is a sneak preview from a top Series 63 instructor to keep in mind:

  1. The Series 63 is a very passable exam, but only if you study.  The concepts and topics are unfamiliar and new to nearly all candidates, so a complete study effort is required.
  2. Allocate your study time properly. Registration of persons (Unit 1), Customer Communications (Unit 4), and Ethics (Unit 5) make up nearly 85% of your exam. These chapters should receive more attention than Units 2 and 3.
  3. Be sure to practice your timing and pacing, as your actual exam nears, complete 65 question quizzes in 65 minutes or less.  This pacing is faster than is required on the real exam and provides a buffer in case you get bogged down on the actual exam.
  4. Read the questions carefully.  One word (like, “except”) can make all the difference.

Knopman Marks has your Back

The team at Knopman Marks is fully committed to your success on the Series 63 exam and all Series exams.  Contact us at for support any time you need guidance.  Let us help you tame “the wolf” and achieve exam success.

Stay tuned for a new At a Glance Guide from Knopman Marks next week!