How to Pass the Series 79 Exam

Rumor has it that Series 79 is one of the more challenging of the FINRA exams.  If you are in need of this investment banking qualification – and feel a little anxious about it — you owe it to yourself to read on.  In just a few moments you’ll learn key Knopman Marks best practices that have boosted our Series 79 pass rate to 98% for the thousands of 2016 analyst and associate program candidates we’ve recently trained!

Knopman Instructors Tell All

Our Series 79 At a Glance guide will put you on a path to success. It is a “must read” because it presents exam basics along with some excellent tips and well-tested study guidance. Whether you are a seasoned analyst or are new to the field, the guide directs you with a study process that works.

Knopman Marks classes are filled with priceless insights from our instructors, and are highly recommended for your prep process.  Below are four samples of Series 79 instructor wisdom that can help give you an edge as you begin your study process.

  1. Although candidates tend to focus on the math and valuation content, it accounts for only about 10-15% of the exam. Regulations and processes are much more important in terms of number of questions.
  2. Expect to see some non-traditional investment banking questions, including stock recommendations, suitability and bond math.
  3. The questions on the exam are quite lengthy – expect to use much more time on the actual exam than on the practice questions.
  4. Knowing about the permitted interactions between investment banking and equity research personnel is a popular topic. Be sure to review these in detail.

Plotting your Series 79 Course to Success

Making a plan and sticking with it is the backbone of success.  Design a workable study strategy for yourself, assuming 100 hours of study time (6–8 weeks while working full-time) if you’re new to the field.  Experienced bankers who have comfort with financial statements, valuation, and M&A should allow 50–75 hours (2–5 weeks while working full-time). This includes time to complete at least 1000 online practice exam questions plus 4 additional PDF exams that will guide your familiarity with the most testable topics.

Take ownership of your strategy and work it diligently. But keep in mind that the team at Knopman Marks is fully dedicated to helping you achieve success.  Contact us at for support any time you need guidance on your study journey.

Stay tuned for a new At-A-Glance Guide from Knopman Marks next week!