Analyst & Associate Graduate

Winning isn’t everything – it’s the only thing  – attributed to UCLA Bruins football coach Henry (Red)  Russell Sanders,1950.

This well used phrase has fueled the competitive spirit of athletes preparing for the big game or the winning season for years. It’s a sentiment that has helped push athletes to performance levels beyond expectations and to athletic achievements that weren’t thought possible.

At Knopman Marks, we recently concluded an outstanding cycle of analyst and associate programs.  Summer is always an exciting time of year for our business –  our instructors and staff are in high gear. We meet and train thousands of individuals, proudly serving Wall Street’s largest firms.Knopman Marks Grad Training StatsWe advise our students that FINRA exam success requires them to “train like athletes”.  We help them craft individualized study plans and give them the steps to success.  They add the hard work and discipline, and their results are exceptional.

 Talk about a winning season – we are thrilled to report pass rates that set a new standard for our business and eclipse the competition. Thanks to great working relationships with our clients and students, we’ve continued to perfect our process, and our “athletes” deliver spectacular results.  Just take a look at the pass rates that were achieved this summer:

Analyst & associate Pass Rates

We thank all of our clients for the opportunity to work with them on these exclusive programs.  We take great pride in our services and value each and every relationship we make.  We hope that we have earned your confidence, and ask that with any licensing exam need, you will think first of Knopman Marks Financial Training.  We are committed to winning results, and hope that our consistent pass rate success inspires confidence as you plan future licensing initiatives throughout your firm.